About MFD

Medical company “Dziednieciba” (MFD) started its rich history more than 40 years ago as an outpatient hospital. Nowadays MFD is one of the largest medical companies and provides wide range of medical services to more than 250’000 patients in different locations in Riga. MFD mission is to take complete care of people’s health by preventing illnesses, providing comprehensive diagnostics and effective treatment. Modern medical technologies and experienced doctors guaranty proper patient care. More information is available by phone (+371) 67 25 58 23 and in internet:

MFD provides free medical aid to people in need mostly in its outpatient hospital in Riga, Kengarags district (15 Rusonu str.).
Call desk phone number: (+371)  67 13 13 13.

How MFD helps the people in need?

The significant part of medical services rendered by MFD is medical services paid by the Latvian government. This type of medical services is the most available to the needy. Nevertheless according to the reasons
mentioned before:

  • patient’s fee;
  • long waiting lists;
  • limited accessibility;
  • limited range of medical services, etc.

these medical services are not able to solve problems of the needy.

Though the amount of financing of medical services paid by the Latvian government is pretty limited, MFD to the maximum extent possible tries to help those who cannot afford paid medical treatment.

Thus MFD renders much more medical services to the needy than it was supposed to render within quota (amount of financing) of medical services paid by the Latvian government. Thus in the first quarter of 2008 the amount of medical services rendered to the needy in excess of the state quota has exceeded Eur 142 287.

Those medical services were rendered in the same way as the rest of medical services paid by the Latvian government. The patients had to pay only patient’s fee.

Self-cost of medical services provided at qualitative professional and technological level is very high. The major portion of cost of medical services consists of medical staff salary (doctors, nurses, assistants) and supporting personnel (receptionists, nurse's aides). These expenses come up to 70%-80% of medical services cost. The remaining portion of cost of medical services consists of expenses on modern medical technologies such as appreciation of medical equipment. Medical equipment is very expensive and costs usually from several thousands of euro up to several hundreds thousands of euro. Only very small portion of cost of medical services is left to cover administrative and other expenses. It is not possible to provide medical services without paying salary to the medical personnel and without buying medical equipment. And of course, it is impossible to provide a substantial amount of medical services to the needy without having a source of financing. That is why MFD needs donations for direct financing of medical services to the needy. For its part, MFD on its own covers operational expenses on medical services to the needy.

Taking into account its financial possibilities, MFD tries to reduce prices of MFD’s paid medical services for the needy as much as possible. Since the beginning of 2008 MFD has a new price-list of paid medical services, it provides significant discounts (up to 20%) for the doctor’s appointment for patients under 18 and over 65. On regular basis, MFD carries out various discount campaigns, in the course of which prices on popular but expensive medical services are being reduced up to 50%, thereby these medical services become much more available to the needy people.

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