Thanks and Reviews


„From the bottom of my heart I thank you for the love shown to me by helping to pay for sonography.”
Arija Freimane, 19.10.2009     
„Big thanks for the free of charge medical help provided – diagnostic examination for the hands”.
Vija Balte, 19.09.2009

"I express my deep appreciation and gratitude for helping me to have free of charge medical examinations - kidneys and bladder ultrasound."
Valentina Arbuzova, 05.10.2009

„I Vladimir Romov, live on Bultu * – **, am very grateful for the help provided, which gave me the opportunity to visit the oculist Mrs. Kalinina free of charge on 06.10.2009.”

“I am 72 years old Svetlana Lusika, live on Lokomotives **-** very grateful to medical staff and the whole personnel of the medical company „Dziednieciba”, who are always kind and caring towards us - patients, and who helped me personally to arrange a dermatologist’s visit free of charge on 08.10.2009.”

„I express my gratitude to administration of the polyclinic for the kind and warm-hearted attitude towards my health problems.
Thank you for the help provided – free of charge consultation of osteoporosis specialist”.
Tatjana Fedotova, 14.10.2009

„I am very grateful for the free of charge X-ray diagnosis for the tooth and the jaw, because I am a needy pensioner.
Congratulations to the polyclinic’s team on the New Year. Wishing you health, happiness, success in the New Year of 2010”.
Melihova Zoja, 30.10.2009

„Thanks to the program „Help” and the personnel of the „Dziednieciba” polyclinic for the attentive attitude and material aid. I am a lonely pensioner. Wish you all the best!”
Gura Valentina, 01.09.2009

„Would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to visit your specialist (oculist) for free.
Thank you very much!”
Duhtika Lubova, 28.09.2009

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