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MFD Outpatient Hospital invites to FREE of charge Oncologist checkup

On November 24, 2009 MFD Outpatient Hospital, located at Rusonu Str. 15, Riga announces free of charge Oncologist checkup.

Health center wishes to give an opportunity for all the patients to visit doctor Oncologist totally for free as well as encourage those who have delayed the visit due to a different reasons.

Task of Oncology is to detect and stop the cancer at its early stage.

A lot of primary and secondary prophylactic activities can be done by each of us:

• Breast examination
• Skin examination
• Oral cavity checkups
• Gynecological checkups for women etc.

Healthy lifestyle is one of the primary activities that can be considered by each of us.

For more detailed information and to set up a visit please contact our Health center: 67131313

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